Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update - Yard Markers Set - 1 Pride Zone Complete

The first "Pride Zone" is complete.

The yard markers have been set.

The Maryland block letters are assembled at midfield.

The focus shifts to completing the Gossett Field House Pride Zone.  Things are moving faster than it appeared to me just yesterday.

Today seems like a far cry from sitting in Byrd Stadium last season for the difficult to watch Terps/UVa different quarterback per series debacle.

For a few reasons, some apparent, some not so apparent, I'm feeling the urge to get out in the stands and root our Terps football team on.  It is a fresh start - new top notch recruits, new field, "new" unis...

Here's my latest two from this morning (the lines were set yesterday afternoon):

The Pride Zone


  1. BBall Purist, Thanks for keeping us updated with the field pic's. I believe the yard markers are glued in just like all the other markingd on the field. I have seen other pic's where the yard marks were laying beside the cutout slot that it sits in. If you look closely on the bottom right hand side of the 1st pic you downloaded today, some of those yard makers are not exactly in place yet. Regardless thanks again for keeping us updated.

    1. Now that I've read your comment, that makes a lot of sense. I have read through Tarket's description of installing the turf. They use that process to connect pieces, so it is attached by an adhesive (+ maybe some mechanical connection as well).

      Thanks for the feedback. I do not want to misinform anybody reading this. I'll have to pay a visit with the Grounds Crew and get an explanation of the process!

  2. What exactly makes the "Pride Zone" any different than what was there before? It's the exact same design:

    1. The new "Pride" unis, "Pride" never used before the Under Armour marketing campaign, brought in a new term that I obviously combined with end zone.

      So it is a new term I coined, not so much that the pattern in the end zone is new.

      I've had season tix since '91, and do appreciate the photo showing the flag end zone. I do believe it can be a good marketing angle.