Saturday, September 29, 2012

Great News - Kansas Ups and Extends Bill Self's Contract

It will probably register a small blip on the national basketball scene, but for many "worry wart" Terps basketball fans who have an almost fully bloomed deep affection for Coach Turgeon, this is really big news.

The worries appear to be over - Bill Self just had his contract extended through 2021-2022 (and 3.8 Mil per season + incentives) with Kansas University.  A heavy sigh of relief is being heard from every Terps fan that has speculated that the only way our beloved Turge would leave the Terps perch is if Self were to jump to the NBA.

Judging from Self's comments in today's CBS article, he is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Which suits us Terps fans just fine. Congratulations Coach Self - you may have just preserved what we consider our #TerpNation DMV National treasure!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Sad News - Former Terp Baller Earl Badu passes away at age 33

The Washington Post's Alex Prewitt reports that former Terps Basketball Walk-On Earl Badu has passed away at age 33.

Reflecting back on Earl's years on the Terps squad, I fondly recollect calling for Earl to get in the game along with about 14,500 other Terps fans filling Cole Field House during the magical 2002 National Championship season. "We want Earl, We Want Earl," would be Terps fans' siren song to Gary Williams, in the hops Gary would get Earl at least a couple of minutes during some secure Terps contests.

Rest In Peace Earl.  I am reminded to enjoy every day, every game I can play in or spectate.

Last Game at Cole Field House - Earl Badu Enters the Game - YouTube