Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peach Jam - Quick Summary - Terps Targets + more

With the just concluded Peach Jam tourney in our rear view mirrors, I am delivering on my promise to provide some commentary from a guest analyst who's been attending the entire Peach Jam for the past decade.

He's known as "MJDinkins" on the St. John's basketball boards, but I know him better as a Peach Jam regular down in north Augusta, SC, and a trusted eye for evaluating the skill sets and high Div. 1 potential of many Big East and ACC prospects through the years.

I will share MJ's comments/observations about current Terps targets.  One Caveat - there were not too many Terps recruits at the Peach Jam this year, and MJ's focus was mainly on SJ's targets.  

Additionally, for us Terps fanatics, I tried to get MJ to take a look at Jordan Strawberry (yep, DJ's brother - no, not Inside the Shell's "DJ" :); however, MJ wound up missing more games this year than previous years (it is pretty grueling for coaches, never mind avid fans, to sit through all the games).  Thus, he did not catch any of Jordan's games.

The Terps targets that Dinkins reviewed (unless noted) were:

BMore Elite
- Kam Williams
- Daxter Miles

Team Takeover (DC)
- Jairus Lyles

CIA Bounce
- RJ Currington (DNP)
- Tyler Ennis

California Supreme
- Jordan Strawberry (did not see Jordan play - see above)

1.  Kam Williams

H/T to Testudo Times & Ben Goldstein for his writeup on Kam after the Baltimore Elite/Houston Defenders tilt last week:

MJ's take on Kam - "Kam was finding ways to get buckets .... Whether, it was shooting it from deep; midrange, or getting layups, I came away believing this kid is a solid shooter."  [Ed. Note: Kam shot 52% from 3 point range]

2.  Daxter Miles

I didn't get to see enough of Miles to judge his game.  My comments: I'm not sure MJ wanted to see much of Daxter in the half of a game he watched.  Baltimore Elite finished 0-5 at the Peach Jam, and Daxter shot 32 FG% (16-50) and 17% (4-23) from behind the arc - ouch.

Baltimore Elite notable - DaQuien McNeil shot 61% from 2 point range while averaging 13 ppg.

3.  Jairus Lyles

"Stan Robinson and Will Ferguson stood out much more than Jairus Lyles during the game. Robinson has a sneaky game, where he slices his way to the basket for layups (hit a couple of tough, contested shots, as well). It seemed he and Ferguson were feeding off one another."   

4.   Tyler Ennis

Tyler hasn't been too prominent in Terps recruiting news lately for good reason, so he's already off the grid for the Terps.  But I'd still like to share MJ's thoughts: "Tyler Ennis, as we all know is a heckuva player. He is surrounded by solid talent, and the best player in the country, in Andrew Wiggins (this kid has incredible body control). Ennis seemed to be in two-guard mold, as he was looking for his short more so than facilitating when I watched. Nevertheless, he was AND can facilitate when need be. He showed the propensity to set up his teammates."