Thursday, July 26, 2012

FieldTurf of Dreams

"Install it, and they will come."

I cannot fully describe it.  She beckons me as I stroll across campus, her siren song luring me back for another look, another photo.

She seduces me, entices me to sneak in and get a closer look, a closer photo, a better angle to show off her beautiful colors.   I am drawn to her, like a supermassive black, red, white and gold hole whose gravitational force I surely cannot overcome.

Her white borders now shimmer clean and crisp, the tastefully done dark and light green turf giving me the urge to ramble across it.  I wonder how it will feel for our first Terp to cross into the Pride Zone, waving up to the students and alums as they roar their approval.

I take photos of her, again and again and again.  I do not tire as I attempt to cover every one of her angles, her sharp lines, the "pop" of the pride colors in her fine hair.

Soon, I will need to be out at the place we simply call Byrd. I will need to share her majesty with my fellow Terp loyalists I've sat with since the tough days of the early 90s.  I cannot shake her image in my mind.

Since I was able to hold a ball in my hand, I've been immersed in sports.  Playing, watching, talking about stats, players, coaches, fans - I've enjoyed every moment.

On Saturday, Sept 1st, at 3 PM, our Terps will provide me what I need.

And she will be my FieldTurf of Dreams.

Gossett Field House side Pride Zone


  1. Replies
    1. It sounds crazy, but I just want to see the field in a game!

      This year marks the rise back up. The FieldTurf is a symbol of that return to some form of prominence in the ACC.

      Many people who were excited a couple of years ago when the flag was painted in the end zone had a deflating "that's it?" moment. Those initial dreams are what has captured me this past month. I see it in person every day - you will enjoy it the 1st time you're at a game and watch that first TD - it will be worth it.