Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thaddeus Hall commits to Frank Martin/South Carolina

Well, Thaddeus Hall pulled the trigger before having an SAT score that qualifies him, and gave Frank Martin a verbal commit he desperately needed to get the ball rolling. Nonetheless, Frank Martin did some quick, aggressive work and charged in on other schools such as St. John's and Maryland, who recently had been more tepid than hot on Hall, possibly due to qualifying concerns. Braziller states that Hall's Jefferson HS coach Pollard says he's fine with a C average and taking the SAT May 5th. I love Hall's story as evidenced by my post last month, but I've read quite a few inside concerns on the two St. John's boards I frequent. I root for Thaddeus to do well on his SAT. If he qualifies, it'll be a great comeback for a kid who had to overcome major adversity in his personal life.

In addition, we know that Maryland and St. John's have been going for more sure bets at guard, with St. John's looking for a sharp shooting SG (Marco Bourgault).

Zach Braziller of the NY Post broke the verbal from Hall:

It seems that with Maryland's continuing involvement with a number of 2012 guards other than Sam Cassell, Jr, it has become put up or shut up time for Jr. Thus, I give the slight advantage to Maryland as USF still has two schollies to give out for the 2012 class, even with "high and dry" Rudd, Jr. coming back - while Maryland has only one - hence my lean towards the Terps. Plus, I think there is a 2A rule about only one "Jr." per squad allowed ;)

USF Roster and Recruits for 2012:


  1. Don't want to put it in the main piece - just a hat tip to Rudd, Jr. for making me think of this and harken back to some fun times:

  2. On a Puke related note: Something's up with Andre Dawkins - trouble/redshirt looming?

  3. Nice post bud. I to an rooting for Hall. It's hard not to with the past he is coming from. Hopefully they have him taking some prep courses for the exam.

  4. What ever happened to our interest in Bargault and his JUCO teammate? I thought at one time we were rumored as their favorites.

    On a completely un-related note, but not worth me making another weed post out of, it seems as if Stoglin is partaking in the festivities of 4/20 if we want to believe his twitter feed. "Happy holidays, flight season."

    1. SJ's is still heavy on Orlando Sanchez and Bourgault. But Ed Cooley and Providence, after losing out to Lavin and co. on JaKarr Sampson, needs some size badly. Cooley's pushing hard on Sanchez too. St. John's gets the nod in my book as I would never want to recruit against Lavin... Or guys wearing Maryland on their chest!

  5. Big get for Frank Martin. South Carolina fans probably won't understand just how big of a recruit Hall could end up being. I can really see him turning that program into something similar to what he had at K-State. SEC basketball is weak enough (obviously apart from UK) that there is some opportunity there.

    Hoping SCJ pulls the trigger this weekend at / before the Capital Classic...the dynamic could be strange if he isn't committed by the time of the game.