Monday, July 23, 2012

Update Tuesday, July 24th, 9:45 AM [1:40 PM] [11:15 AM]: Countdown Begins until Unveiling of "Pride Zone"

UPDATE #2: Tuesday, July 24, 9:45 AM => I took another shot this morning (see top photo).  The Gossett FH End Zone has begun to take shape.  The process of laying out the turf panels is much more difficult than I anticipated.  I now would estimate the end zones being completed early next week.

1:40 PM => I gained access inside of Byrd Stadium and just added two more photos - enjoy!

Well, the time has finally arrived.  With every white interlocking panel that is placed on the field, the "Pride Zone" end zones are slowly becoming a reality.

As you can see from the photos, the West End Zone, or my obviously dubbed "Pride Zone," is taking shape.

It appears that by close of business Wednesday or Thursday, both end zones will be complete in all their Maryland glory.  I'm sure hoping the news outlets receive some footage from the Terps' Athletic Department.  I've done my part and submitted my Pride Zone moniker just in case no one over in athletics has bandied it about just yet (highly unlikely, but stranger whiffs have happened than missing the Pride Zone).

For geeks like myself, I've attached the patent that FieldTurf obtained for their method of laying down the surface, including the interlocking panels: Pat 7,722,288 - Method of Installing a Synthetic Grass System (US Pat 7,722,288):