Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stan Robinson Update

For those that haven't heard, Stan Robinson verballed to Indiana last night.  This is good and bad.  Bad because he was our main SG target not named Aaron Harrison.  The good news is that the staff can now look at other options/ focus on their attention towards the twins or another SG.  Some of these dominos needed to start to fall.  Right now the staff is spread thin in my opinion (so many guard options).  Indiana is for real and anyone who thinks that a recruit isn't going to take an offer from them seriously needs to re-think that.  There were quite a few people who thought Indiana wasn't a favorite to land Stan, this proves how strong the Indiana brand is.

Here's the Indiana Herald Times Blog piece including an interview with Stan's coach, Glen Farello:

Stan is the 3rd Team Takeover AAU member to join the Hoosiers' ranks: From Telep -
"The Indiana Hoosiers constructed another pipeline and it paid off in the form of 2013 wing Stanford Robinson (Fairfax, Va./Paul VI). 

Robinson, ranked No. 46 in the ESPN 60, committed to the Hoosiers over Villanova. In picking Tom Crean’s Big Ten program, Robinson became the third basketball player from Team Takeover to make the transition to Bloomington. In the fall of 2013, he’ll join former Takeover and Paul VI assistant – now IU assistant – Kenny Johnson. 

Maurice Creek and Victor Oladipo, former Takeover standouts, helped pave the way for Robinson to Indiana. "


  1. I think the former Paul VI Asst coach helped seal the deal. Crean should never be underestimated after the way he recruited for Izzo and MSU. With Indiana in the top 5 next season, it'll only get better for the Hoosiers on the recruiting trail.

    We will get there too, but it takes some time. Some IU fans were getting antsy with Crean before last season.

    1. Agreed. He coached Stan at Paul VI and for Stans U16 Team Takeover. Same situation as Hill and Beasley to KSU.

      This probably puts Roddy as the backup option now at the 2 guard, although Severe could make his way up there as well. Roddy is a scoring PG, but could probably play effectively as a 2 guard with above average passing skills (probably how we all thought Pe' would be).

  2. Here's an IU Herald times chat Q&A session from today about Stan:

    QUESTION: What kind of impact do you think Robinson will have on the Hoosiers, if any?

    Joe Waggoner, Bloomington

    JEREMY: Joe,

    That's a good question, and one that's hard to answer without knowing fully what the IU roster will look like. But by the time Robinson gets to Bloomington, the backcourt mix could include Ferrell, Oladipo, Sheehey, Abell, Patterson, Hollowell, Creek and Etherington. Not a lot of room to crack that lineup.

    But as I've been watching every film clip I can find on Robinson, I don't think it's unfair to call him a left-handed Oladipo. From what I've seen, he's got real tenacity attacking the offensive glass and a knack for driving to the basket. It looks like he's matured as far as his jump shot and mid-range game, just needs to develop consistency, particularly from 3. And he seems like he could be another very good defender.

    But all in all, we'll just have to wait and see.

    DUSTIN: Joe's flowing with optimism today.

    Again, it obviously depends on who's not there at that point as to how easily Robinson breaks into the lineup, but he definitely looks versatile. He can take it to the rim and has a good midrange game. He passes it very well and creates for others. Excellent on-ball defender from what I've been told and can rebound well for a guard. His high school coach compred him to Oladipo, but he was a 34 percent 3-point shooter in high school and again, has an excellent mid-range game which are two skills Oladipo did not necessarily come to indiana with. Robinson doesn't appear to have the sheer athleticism that Oladipo does (and few do) so I'm not saying they're the same kid, but he can definitely be one of those versatile sorts of guards who doesn't necessarily score 20 a night but can get you 10-12 consistently and also rebound, defend and pick up 3-4 assists a game as a combo guard. It's going to be really interesting to see who breaks into the starting lineup and when, but if Robinson gets on the court he's going to contribute in a lot of ways.

  3. Do you have any evidence at all to your constant claims that Stan Robinson was the top SG on MD's board behind Harrison? Aside from what might not have even been a real offer back in the winter, there has been very little in terms of contact between the two sides.

    1. Stan had an offer, albeit not necessarily immediately commitable. I spoke to him directly to congratulate him and spoke a few minutes with him. All this does not matter now, does it? Stan is off to Indiana, and Turge and staff continue maintaining their good relationship with the UA Twins.

  4. If it's not commitable, it's not real.