Thursday, May 17, 2012

ESPN's Top 25 Class Ranking

MD checks in at 18th overall.  Not bad for Turge's first real incoming class.

5 current ACC teams in the top 25 and 7 if you include future members Pitt and Cuse.  Duke jumped into the top 15 with the addition of Amile Jefferson. 


  1. It is solid, but a little low. I don't know how teams like Xavier are ranked ahead of MD with no top 100 recruits, and less recruits at that. Common sense would tell you that 6 recruits (one top 50, one top 75), and 3 additional that are arguably top 150, would be better than 4 recruits overall and none of those being top 100.

    Pitt is a little high as well, but what are you going to do.

    I have heard absolutely nothing on the Dodd front in terms of perhaps coming to campus instead of prepping since the Pankey move, anyone else hear anything?

    1. I has been really silent there. I have no idea what is going to happen. My guess is that he preps but who knows

    2. I could see him coming to campus with the intention to redshirt, but if injury occurs he is there as an insurance option.

  2. I looked into Xavier's class a while back because I didn't get that either. They basically have 3 post grad guys who ESPN doesn't rate (or include in the Top 100), but who are highly regarded. Semaj Christon for example is Top 30 on Rivals but goes unrated on ESPN and therefore doesn't count as a Top 100 guy.