Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prince of Philly Article - Will he pick MD?

Shown below is the link to a new Rysheed Jordan article suggesting why the 5 star PG will pick MD over Temple.  I have been suggesting for months that Jordan is between MD and Temple (not rocket science there).  Temple is currently in the lead but them not landing Amile Jefferson has hurt their chances with Jordan.  The article below does a good job in describing the talent levels on each team and who has the advantage.

Enjoy - Great find by ShellShocked. 


  1. The article posted below also re-affirms that he is really only considering MD and Temple, even though Kansas is in the mix. He wants to stay within a few hours of Philly, and I think Amile Jefferson not going to Temple certainly helped our cause. I think the lack of elite talent at temple is going to hurt them in this recruitment.

  2. Good article, but nothing we didn't already know. I don't think for one second that Alex Len being there is going to help us land Rysheed, thats just ridiculous.