Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Origins of Alex Len's Coming Out Party + Gerun Connection

There was an interesting piece written by Ivan Ortiz this past January on Alex Len's emergence, and the connection to Volodymyr Gerun, written as only a European could so eloquently write (for some in the States).

It's a worthwhile read about how the formerly thin, lanky Alex, came back more agile and composed for the tourney that us Terps fans in the states knew of as the 16 point, 11 rebound, 4 block tourney game.

The penultimate promise of Eastern Europe, Olexiy "Alex" Len
To get an idea of Olexiy Len comes to us and is formed in Europe, we could count the words of Alejandro Gonzalez , International Scout and Consultant NetScouts Basketball , which provided a very good description of the player, so prior to their entry U.S.. The track puts us in 2009, his first appearance on stage at the European level: "I know Len from 2009 when I first saw him in the U16 European Championships in Kaunas. In that tournament, in which Ukraine lost the category, Olexiy not played a lot (it would be around for under 20 minutes a game or something). They sent Klym Artamonov , a scorer of Siauliai basis. Len had a secondary role, he was seen even by mature but from the first game against Latvia became clear that this boy was very interesting . "With just a few appearances and not be the first plank of the Ukrainian team, Len had entered the books of many specialists. "That length, mobility, details that left you very clear that I had physically and improve technical tools (even a long shot) to work." Moreover, in this tournament, while also noting the input of another big name,Volodymyr Gerun , classmate and that, as Alexander and will tell us that we shall see, have their share of intervention in the arrival of Len.

Alex Len, in the environment that saw him appear, your selection | Bleacher Report
The explosion of Olexiy Len , and when it appears on the scene is in the U18 2010 in Vilnius. "Everything went well in the opener against the ogre he was Valanciunas Lithuania, but even in that first game and saw that had taken a major step forward, especially from the athletic standpoint. He looked more composed, less "lanky" and more formed. And that, with an interesting technical evolution, was noted far in the competition. " Olexiy Lenfinished the tournament as the fourth leading scorer, totaling 16 points per game, 11.4 rebounds well, and a whopping 4.3 blocks per party. This tournament could not see him to mate with Volodymyr Gerun would have more relevance in 2011 U18 in Poland, where he could not be paired with Len. This is where we enter the relationship and the important point. "Back then we did not have much news yet on Len intention of going to America, although it was rumored that Maryland was interested in a Ukrainian. But Len and having debuted with the Dnipro, the sources of these rumors pointed to Gerun. " But finally, the man who landed on the Terrapins was renamed for convenience as Alex Len . And it was precisely this question that we find the ultimate obstacle that prevents us from seeing the Ukraine from the very beginning of the season.
The fine line of professionalism
It is not a situation that is unknown. Many other players have gone through the same procedure as Deniz Kilicki to play in West Virginia or professional as well as a Turkish national Enes Kanter , who was an entire season without being able to play a single match with the University of Kentucky. The NCAA changed its rules slightly, with reference to see a player like "amateur" rather than "professional" get a number of earnings that would enable it to live, unlike the previous legislation which stood as a "professional" anyone who had received, however small amount it was, just minutes to spare. Briefly and without much impact, but Len Alex made ​​his debut and won as a professional in Dnipro, the training club.
At no time is nothing hid, but the player, throughout this long process, would miss many things, until the NCAA had a final verdict on their status. Players have 45 days to train with his team once the NCAA receives all necessary documentation and checks the status of the player, based on their academic standing, as well as professional as it went. Mark Turgeon shared the doubt all " Hard to say, is something that is beyond our control.Parties may be zero if the NCAA requires Len, may be four games, may be a year. But we are strong in this case.Espramos take a hit, and not many more than zero parties that can not play. " Finally, after all the deliberation, the penalty fell in just 10 games, which Maryland did not appeal, and could debut at Albany . Only compete in friendlies, but with the background of other players, it was something to accept. Maryland was transparent at all times and accepted the penalty. In the words of Kevin Anderson , athletic director at the University of Maryland"We appreciate the review that has made ​​the NCAA cooperative if Alex. Nevertheless, it is still a very difficult situation for academic purposes Alex. He and his family are being very patient and honest with this whole process, which speaks highly of his character. "
Especially moving is the passage which tells Mark Turgeon ended when Len penalty time. At the time when the NCAA Clearinghouse had finally verified your amateur status and could resume training with his teammates, with whom he was about six weeks but after 45 days of rigor had to stop being in that time, Len Alex ran to the door, with tears in her eyes, and slipped in an embrace with all his companions. "It was really hard for him. So they have come all the tears and emotions. I said "Give him a ball" to cease to mourn, "I'll start to mourn."
There's more content regarding Alex's play for the Terps as well.


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