Friday, May 18, 2012

Coach Cal to NBA Rumors/Chatter Will Not Cease

Just when anyone thought that coach Cal to the NBA might be dying a slow death (for the soon to be summer), the newest rumor floating around Lexington Kentucky has fully arisen.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio (locally known in the DMV for his brief spat with the Sports Junkies on Twitter and DC 106.7FM The Fan), has commented on a tweet made by Dan Wolken of to have Cal teach LeBron how win a title.  Matt is nervous enough to state, even if half jokingly, that UK fans should be rooting for the Heat to win.

All of these rumors cannot be helping Cal in his battle with Coach Turgeon for the Harrison twins.  I think this uncertainty is important, not necessarily for this upcoming season.  I think it's important for the 2013-14 season.  I still maintain Cal's hectic pace that he maintains, by which most accounts is one of the most busy of any D1 head coaches in the country, will continue to grate on him and continue a level of exhaustion that will not subside. Cal does more booster events, fundraisers, charity appearances, etc., and it admittedly wears on him (see a couple of past Sports illustrated articles on Cal).  I give him more credit than most for that aspect of his work ethic, which is often overlooked by Cal detractors.  That positive is also a big negative.

I maintain my prediction that Cal will be an NBA Head Coach/minority owner of an NBA team within 5 years. But the distinct possibility that Calipari bolts for a much greener pasture than even the Bluegrass State's US News 124th ranked Flagship College can provide, may soon be part of the school choice puzzle that convinces Andrew Harrison to get on the Maryland side of the equation with brother Aaron.

Biggest reason UK fans should be Heat fans this year RT: LeBron needs the coach in Lexington to teach him how to win a title.


  1. " that convinces Andrew Harrison to get on the Maryland side of the equation with brother Aaron."

    What's the back-story on this?

    1. The back story on that is that it has been widely rumored that Andrew wants to go to Point Guard U (any school Cal coaches at) while Aaron wants to go to MD.

      The 2 guard position isn't *as* important in Cals system, and those that play the position end up being the glue players on the team, generally staying at least 2-3 years. I think the brothers are torn between MD and Kentucky, which is the only reason there has been no announcement yet.

      All this chatter you hear about "Arizona, Georgetown, Nova and Baylor" possibly getting in on this is absurd. Both are down to MD and Kentucky. It would take some amazing act on the other schools part and complete implosion on MD/Kentucky part to change that.

    2. I would agree. I'm really starting to think that MD will take 1 PG and two wings next year. We are thin there and if we land the twins they could easily be one and done. Things are going to get interesting very soon. -Charlotte

    3. I've read exactly the same DJ...also don't forget about World Wide Wes. Common knowledge that Cal and LBJ are friends mainly thru WWW so it cannot be overlooked. NO WAY does this Heat team listen to a damn word that a former video coordinator has to say (Spolestra).

    4. It has not been "widely rumored", someone on a message board might've posted it once and a bunch of people picked up on it, but it's not "widely rumored" and certainly shouldn't qualify as something you pass off as fact in a blog entry.

    5. Anonymous Hater: What did i report as fact? Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio DID tweet that back to Dan Wolken - FACT. I gave my stated OPINION. This is a blog. We give opinions.

      You are probably the original hater that's coming back for another serving of retort from me. I stated this was "Chatter." The other "Rumors" about Cal are documented and have come from as well as ESPN, etc. It was simply on a message board (although I posted it along with others on a blog, msg board).

      It's obvious you don't like the blog. How about Charlotte's excellent RJ Carrington interview? Feel free to post some "Anonymous" credit too! Hah!

    6. Let it rip George!!! Well said my friend!!!