Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rivals 150 - MD Targets

S/O to Maryland1206 for informing us. 

Rivals has updated their top 150 players for 2013.  Here are where MD targets stand:

Andrew Harrison - 2
Aaron Harrison - 5
Rysheed Jordan - 12
Dominic Woodson - 27 **not sure how involved we are anymore
Kennedy Meeks - 58 **
Kris Jenkins - 60
Stan Robinson - 88
Jaren Sina - 90
Junior Etou - 91
Roddy Peters - 108
Daquan McNeil - 123
RaShawn Powell (Pookie) - 132

A lot of names on that list.  I think this is Pookie's first time on the top 150.  Jordan shot up from around 30 to 12.  Robinson dropped from 40's to 88. 

Am I missing anyone?  Tyler Ennis should be on the list (4 star) but I couldnt find his name.  Not that it really matters because we are no longer involved with Ennis. 

Here is the link:;_ylt=AtaaBpOm1kyp5kldIDapwdvVO5B4


  1. Amazing how many stories we start putting up at lunch, LOL.

    That list concerns me because our 3rd and 4th options are starting to become noticeable. Pookie and Peters were previously under the radar guys who are starting to make names for themselves (not a bad thing I guess), but it is drawing interest from other high majors to them.

    Peters has the opportunity to blow up, a la Jake Layman, playing on DCA this summer. He has never played on a big AAU team, but DCA certainly qualifies as that.

    I'm hoping the Jordan and Harrison decisions come soon, because if they keep pushing back and back towards the school year again it starts cramming this timeline big time.

    1. I think both have said a decision would come in July? Im 99% sure Jordan said that. I thought the twins were in that timeframe as well. Thoughts?

      I agree 100% with your thoughts. I to am worried that some of our secondary options are beginning to explode. I would prefer for that explosion to happen after they announce they will be a Terp. Good news is that there are a ton of solid guards before them. MD really picked a great year to be in need of top guards. 2012 was an awful year for guards. 2013 is loaded.

    2. I believe Papa Harrison has said on a few interviews that he wants the twins to decide BEFORE starting school next year so they can enjoy their senior years.

    3. Yes, July - August are the expected time frames from all the chatter. I'm 100% positive Jordans camp said July for a decision, and Derrick is right about the Harrisons too. He wants there decision made so they don't have to worry about it during their senior year.

      What are your thoughts on Peters? I know you and bball purist are in the Pookie camp, but if Jordan and the Harrisons go elsewhere do we pull the trigger on Roddy? He is another combo guard, so I'm reluctant to say yes right now until we see what he does on the AAU circuit, but I'm inclined to think we should. He loves MD and has said in multiple interviews he is just waiting for that Terps offer.

    4. Im kind of at the point where I just wanna get one of these guys. I havent watched Roddy much to be honest. I LOVE Pookie's game because he is the second best PURE PG we are after. Andrew Harrison be the first. I wouldn't mind Pookie and Roddy.

      The Indiana offer worries me for Stan Robinson. I really wouldnt be suprised if we miss out on the twins, Jordan, and Robinson. If we do, Pookie is a must and hopefully we can add Roddy or Severe.

    5. Roddy is versatile. He can score, but he can also pass. He is definitely a combo guard, but in terms of comparison he isn't a black hole like Stoglin is. He just fills up the stat sheet every night.

      I wouldn't mind taking Pookie and Roddy as our two guards and calling it a day. Is it a downgrade in terms of taking a pure 2? Yeah, but I think at the same time if you told Roddy Peters he is playing the 1 or 2 guard permanently he could elevate his game further. I think his HS team plays him at the Point because he is just flat out the best scorer on the team, so they want the ball in his hands.

  2. So are kids like Etou and Meeks pretty much out now that we are loaded up on big guys, only have 1-2 spots left, and are laser-focused on guards like the Harrisons and Jordan?

    Also, wasn't Jordan's July timetable set when his top 4 were three Philly schools and us? Any word on if any of this going to change now that he's got Kansas and presumably some other big fish sniffing around?


    1. From a logical standpoint, I'm not sure it is us that won't stop pursuing bigs as much as bigs probably just got a lot less interested in MD after the huge class of bigs we took. Shaq and Mitchell are legit post players that will lockdown the inside for the upcoming years while Pankey has 2 years left (after 2012) and Smotrycz becomes eligible in 2013. Combine that with Dodd coming in as a probable redshirt and you have a loaded front court.

      I think there is no doubt that Turgeon would love a talent like Etou or Meeks, but I'm not sure Etou or Meeks wants to go to a school with a stacked front court already.

      The staff is laser-focused on getting a PG in 2013. That much is obvious from the sheer amount of targets they have. I wouldn't be surprised if we struck out on the Harrison and Jordan, but they have quality Plan Bs to that happening. Pookie and Peters are starting to get high major looks.

    2. Meeks is for sure out. His style of play is exactly like Shaq. MD was still somewhat involved when Mitchell wasn't onboard but being that we have added Mitchell & Dodd I dont think there is anyway we pursue Meeks. Additionally, the addition of Smotrycz replaces the loss of Padge next year.

      Etou is a slightly different story, given his style of play. He is more of an athletic forward, not a space eater. I think MD will remain invovled but unless Len has a strong year and decides to go pro I highly (like 90% high) doubt we take on any forward.

      I think MD will look for a forward/center in 2014.

      Jordan - I still think that he will announce around July. While he didnt have Kansas sniffing around, he still had some very big names. I think he is an east coast guy. I highly doubt he gets out of the Big East or ACC.

  3. Yo Charlotte, good stuff as always. One thing... The grey font on the main page for the thread titles is impossible to read from my razr. Any chance you can change it for this asshole? Lol

    1. +1 for FINALLY admitting that you really ARE an asshole!!!! lol

  4. I think I have gotten rid of all the gray font and changed it to the red or yellow/orange. Let me know if you still are having issues and Ill change it up. Thanks for letting me know man