Friday, April 13, 2012

Q&A with Jalen Tabor

If you are new to following MD football and recruiting, a name you want to pay attention to is Jalen Tabor.  The local MD product is a 5 star Cornerback that plays for Friendship Collegiate Academy in DC.  He is 2014 recruit and would be the ideal player for MD to land to continue the stay home movement.  Shown below were my questions to Jalen and his responses.

1)  Besides football and twitter what are some other hobbies you have or activities you enjoy?

Jalen - I love just playing football and chilling with my friends!

2)  Name your favorite NFL team and player.  Who do you model your game after?

Jalen - My favorite NFL team is the NY Giants and my favorite player is Joe Haden. 

3)  Who was the first school to offer you and how old were you at the time?

Jalen - Tennessee was the first school to offer.  They offered last May.

4)  Name the three schools recruiting you the hardest.

Jalen - Tennessee, Maryland, and Va Tech

5)  What coach from MD is most involved with your recruitment?

Jalen - Coach Johnson!

6)  What are your thoughts on the Diggs and Brown commitment?  Did their decisions increase your desire to stay home and start a MD dynasty?

Jalen - Im cool with Diggs and Brown and their decision makes MD more comfortable.  It becomes a bigger school for me! It makes me wanna stay.

7)  Do you consider yourself a leader?  Are you quiet or vocal to your teammates on the field?

Jalen - Yea.  I consider myself a leader.  I’m vocal, but I also lead by example.

8)  How good is this flag team of yours?  Who else is on it?

Jalen - My flag team is pretty good!  We have a lot of D1 players!

9)  I know that you are waiting for National Signing Day to announce your decision.  Earlier we discussed Looneys as an option to carry on the local 5 star tradition.  Are you still considering that as an option?  Are you still thinking a big stage for your announcement?

Jalen - Yea I still wanna make my decisions on a big stage!  A Very Big Stage!

10)  Anything else you want to share?

Jalen - One last thing.  Go Terps and thanks for your time!

I want to thank Jalen for his time.  Jalen and I will be following up from time to time to see how the process is going.

Is it just me or does that MD Flag look like it belongs on him?


  1. Nice interview. It seems Jalen is getting better at the interviews too, he was a lot more plain in this one in terms of revealing information about where he may be leaning.

    I'll throw it out that yesterday he wanted to go up to UMD but had no one to show him around. Abner Logan said he'd be there this weekend and could show him around (twitter convo between Jalen, Charlotte, myself and Abner).

  2. I was very impressed with the maturity. Very genuine. Im hoping we land a few more 4/5 stars this year to increase the talent level even more. Having Parker at one corner and Tabor at the other would be a nasty combo in 2014.

    1. Nice work Charlotte!!! I'm hopeful this kid ends up a Terp, seems to be a great ambassador for #terpnation

  3. You go Charlotte, but stick with b-ball 90 percent please,lol

  4. I think Parker is pegged at safety if he makes it into MD with his grades Charlotte. He is a little big for a corner, although not to say he couldn't play it. He would probably be burned a few times at corner though, he'd be better off playing SS or making the move to OLB if he bulks up too much.

    He has a similar frame as Kenny Tate, but he is still 17 so he will be getting bigger when he gets into college. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he is at OLB or SS before it is all said and done.

  5. Spring game attendees:

    Been reading around twitter and talking to some recruits to see who is attending, so far the three biggest names are:

    Abner Logan Jr is making the trip down
    Michael Parker (2013 - committed but academic concerns) confirmed
    Jalen Tabor - Didn't make it up last night, said maybe this weekend when Logan is down.

    You got anyone else Charlotte? I'll see if I can spot anything else out on the usual sites.

    Oh, and the only thing I've noticed that I dislike about using this site is you need to make all the posts, but that isn't necessarily bad. Perhaps you could go for weekly blog posts, like one for football recruiting, one for basketball? Or if a recruit is important enough you could go a single blog post for that recruit?

    1. I can make other Admin. Im trying to figure out if I can add a Fanpost section as well. There are so many tools. Im glad we got the comments thing figured out though. Tumblr sucked. Wasted an hr this morning w that POS site.

    2. Update: I'll take Jalens re-tweet of my question at Parker as a confirmation of him coming for the spring game. Had mentioned him to Parker as a possible attendee and he re-tweeted..

    3. I saw that as well. Very good news

    4. Your site man, however you want to do it. I'd wait for making anyone else an admin until you figure it all out and how you want to run things.

      I think perhaps until the blog has a few more posters on it the blog posts for a given week may work out, that way you don't have too many people as admins that can delete things, etc. I've "moderated" other sites before, are you able to set up a specific user group on your site so you can have specific permissions for them, like creating new blog entries? Just a thought.

  6. Thanks Charlotte. Jalen is a born leader, and i hope he leads the 2nd wave of top recruits into MD to finally push us back into the Top 10. I hope Jalen knows it'll be much different being the hometown hero when we get there - but we need him badly to get this done.