Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rivals 150 Chat with Eric Bossi

Shown below are highlights from the 2013 Top 150 Rivals chat with Eric Bossi that occurred yesterday.  All of the comments that involved MD or a player MD was recruiting are shown below.  I threw in the Torian Graham comment just for the hell of it. 

Comment From MattMatt: ] What's Maryland's chances of landing the Harrison brothers?
Wednesday April 18, 2012 2:46 Matt
They are certainly in the thick of it with Kentucky right now. But, the Terps aren't just holding off for them.

They are very strong with Philly PG Rysheed Jordan right now and have been turning up the heat on him.

Comment From JosephJoseph: ] Who are Uk's most likely signees from this group? Also, is it possible Andrew Wiggins reclassifies to 2013?
UK seems locked in on the Harrison twins early and is doing well with them. I haven't heard anything about a Wiggins re-class.
Comment From DreDre: ] With Villanova having it's worst season in almost 10 years what are the chances that the Wildcats can land the Harrison twins or Allerik Freeman?
Jay Wright's system has proven that it can work and it has proven to be very guard friendly. I'm sure that they will bounce back. I like Nova's chances with Freeman better than the Harrison twins
Comment From MattMatt: ] any updates on savon goodman and torian graham?
Starting to look like both end up moving into the class of 2013. I don't see either of them signing in 2012, that's for sure.
[Comment From SammySammy: ] 
What kind of class with UK end up with in 2013?
They are off to a great start with skilled power forward Derek Willis. If they can get the Harrison twins, then lookout. Can they get a fifth #1 class in a row, won't be easy. But I don't think anybody expects them to do anything other than recruit very well.


  1. Pretty much confirms that the Harrisons seem to be favoring MD and Kentucky, not that we hadn't all speculated on that before.

    Torian Graham re-classifying to 2013 is interesting, but I don't think that he'd have any interest in MD after we pulled his 2012 offer would he? He's an awesome talent, but man needs to get things right in his head first.

  2. I think what caught my eye was the MD turning up the heat on Jordan. Unless I am missing something, or recruiting/scouting visits are going unreported, I havent seen that much activity around Jordan.