Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And the demise of Oregon Football begins

Disclaimer:  I take no stance one way or the other on weed, don't smoke it myself, but if that is your choice then go for it.

All I can say is wow.  That is pretty brazen of a football player to actually come out and do an interview while smoking weed with ESPN.  Everyone knows that the stuff is all over college athletics while banned, but it seems as long as players are low key with it and don't bring it to spotlight they are ok.  But seriously, an interview with ESPN?  NCAA investigators must have already booked their flight to Oregon.


  1. Very interesting. I wonder to what extent Kelly has changed the program. What player in their right mind would ever do such an interview. Some people will say anything if you put a mic next to their mouth. Incredibly stupid. Way to bring national attention to your program.

    1. yeah seriously. We all know it is rampant in college sports, why the hell would you bring attention to it at your program? The part that really got me was the smoking before games, these kids are idiots.

  2. I don't see Oregon sustaining their success much longer. They've got a massive recruiting scandal, their players are making headlines for the wrong reasons (like Cliff Harris' arrest and the above), and they run that gimmicky offense. Their head coach is a real jerk in interviews, which everyone is okay with while they're winning, but it won't be as cute when they start to lose. Plus, the Pac12 looks to be getting much tougher with USC back, Washington improving, and new coaches (including Mike Leach and Rich Rod) all over the place. Phil Knight can only do so much by throwing money at them.

  3. We let them smoke as long as it doesnt hurt us on the field.... HUH!!!

    So the one time your LT takes an extra few hits and goes above his normal level he starts seeing doubles on a CB blitz, takes the CB and misses the OLB coming at him, the QB takes a blow to the knee, and misses the remainder of the season with injury... Afterwards the teams sits the LT down and said Bro you cant smoke no more.