Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday Lets Talk Recruiting

Before we jump into recruiting can we please reflect on last nights draft.  Did anyone else notice that only 3 ACC players were drafted in the first round?  Alabama had 4 players drafted, more then the ACC in total.  That is pathetic.  Now that I've gotten that out of my system, lets talk recruiting. 

Terps Insider did a nice recap of some of the players MD is after.  I agree and disagree with some of the comments and speculation.  Here is the article:

Now that you have had a chance to read over it, I will give you my 2 cents.  First, I don't think that we will have 3 scholarships to work with next year and here's why.  I think Stoglin goes pro, opening up one scholarship, giving the Terps 2 to work with.  I don't think that Len will leave, nor do I think that any of the players will transfer.  All of these guys are Turge's guys or have bought into Turge's system.  Combine that with Dodd redshirting (That was confirmed yesterday for those that didn't see it) and you already have one 2013 recruit technically.  In addition Smotrycz will be suiting up in 2013 and will replace Padge. 

Therefore, in terms of new additions to the team, MD will be adding 2 forwards in 2013, and losing only one.  Mitchell, Cleare, Pankey, & Len will all still be part of the team.  So you will have 6 forwards fighting for PT for 2 spots.  If you are a recruit do you want to sign up for that?  I think the coaches know this as well.  Why else would they only be recruiting ONE PF TARGET.  Junior Etou is the only forward MD is seriously involved with, compared to 10 thousand guards.

Onto the guards....

Jon Severe - newest target.  He has a history of injuries that have lead to him only recently blowing up.  He is a NYC guard.  We did a post on him a week ago.  For more information check out the archive.  I personally love big city guards and this kid is known to be a shooter.  I would be all for adding him.  He currently is a 3 star but now that he is healthy I think he will receive that 4th star shortly.  He played on Omar Calhoun's HS team and out shined Omar who is a 4 star headed to UCONN.

Stan Robinson - Love his game but I am very worried about his latest Indiana offer.  Stan is a very solid defensive player and is extremely unselfish.  He would fit in very nicely with what Turge is trying to build.

Twins - well they are the twins.  Not much else to say.  I don't like that they have delayed their time frame for announcing.  The longer they delay the worse of a position it puts MD in assuming that MD isn't their decision.

Jordan - I still think it's going to be very difficult to lure him away from Philly.  He is known as the Prince of Philly for a reason.  Terps Insider mentions that he has visited Temple numerous times... I would replace numerous with an infinite number of times.  I'm pretty sure he has visited at least 15-20 times this year.  He seemed to be at every home game. 

Pookie - I love his game and think that he is the best option assuming MD misses on both the twins and Jordan.  He is a pure PG who is highly undervalued in my opinion.  A combination of Pookie and Robinson would be a stellar recruiting class. 

Sina - I think he is a Butler lean but if the staff wants to pursue him I would be very happy.  NJ guard.  Solid player.  I think he was in 65-80 range in the last Rivals Top 100. 

Kam Williams - is a name that has come and gone and now appears to have resurfaced.  Bino has watched Kam numerous times over the past year.  Kam is a natural scorer.  He could actually be a very good replacement for Stoglin. 

Roddy Peters - is a player I still have never really watched clips on.  Some on this board are very high on him and think that if MD offered and gave him a commitable offer he would take it in a heartbeat.  Peters did break the top 150 nationally 2 weeks ago.  He is a perfect example of how the twins delaying their time frame could hurt MD. 

Other News:

NBC Sports released another article that some of you might find interesting.  It's not focused on MD basketball but it has a table that includes the players who had the MOST DECLINE in their final rankings.  Unfortunately, Charles Mitchell is one of those players.  Here you go:

2014 Target 
": Syracuse has offered 2014 CP3 All-Stars (NC) wing Theo Pinson, according to ." a target as well
Not great news.  Anytime Syracuse gets involved with a MD target, MD usually ends up on the short end of the stick.

Q&A with Charles Mitchell by Matt Bracken

New Football Target

Jeff Ermann @insidemdsports
offer Bishop McNamara quarterback Milan Collins: (VIP)

Well that pretty much sums up everything.  I will update this article if any additional information becomes available.  Happy Friday.  Hope it's a good one.  If you haven't already, sign up to become a follower of the blog.


  1. Of the guards not named Jordan or Harrison who do you guys want the most?

    1. I'm telling you Kam Williams and it's not even close Charlotte IMO. The kid can flat out fill it up.If the twins go to Cal then I want Kam. Peters is coming on, take some time and check him out.

    2. Im going to have to dig up some Kam and Peters highlights. If anyone has them, shoot me a link and I will create a new feed for them. Don't worry I will give you a Shell Out for providing the info.

      Still working on trying to figure out freaking fan posts. There are like 2K "gadgets" you can add and the option to add your own which is how I got the twitter feed up.

    3. Regarding Kam:

      Kam and Stan should be going head to head this weekend down in Hampton I believe. I saw a few recruiting analysts talking it up, they can't wait to see Kam and Stan go against each other.

      If we miss on Jordan and the Twins, I want Pookie and Stan, with the backups to that being Peters and Kam.

  2. Thanks for my Friday fix Charlotte.

    I watched a complete Roddy Peters game vs.
    Roosevelt. He didn't have a great offensive game, but I saw enough of his handle and passing vision to believe he can be a 6-7th man in the ACC as a backup PG. I know he averaged 24 points this year, but I do not think he possesses enough quickness or compensated with bulk to go with his size.

  3. The ACC, and all the leagues actually, are falling farther and farther behind the SEC. At this point, SEC and ACC aren't even playing the same sport. SEC athletes are so much bigger, stronger, and faster than any other league, and the NFL is starting to realize that taking an SEC player is like taking a kid who has already played a few years of professional football, because essentially that's what the SEC is at this point.

    I really think Pankey will be gone after this year. He's going to struggle to see the floor at all, and won't have the kind of leash he did this year when he made mistakes. I can see him averaging something like 1.7 ppg and 2.3 rpg in 6.4 mpg. I think going into 2013-14 he will see the logjam in the frontcourt, and how he's 5th or 6th guy in line for playing time, and will end up leaving. Who knows what will happen but I'm thinking we'll have him, Stoglin, and Padgett opening up scholarships at the end of this year.

    1. Assuming he were to leave do you think that an incoming freshman would want to take his spot, knowing he left due to a lack of playing time? You could be 100% right. Think it would be hard to sell a top 100 player to join, given Dodd and Smotrycz will be suiting up. I think MD saves the scholarship. Lets be honest though... this is a good problem for MD to have.

    2. Only because that incoming freshman would still have all 4 years of eligibility in front of him. Maybe his freshman year minutes are tough to come by, but after that Len probably leaves and it opens up a little bit in the following years. Definitely is a good problem for MD to have. If no twins, I'd be very happy with a 2013 class of 1 PG, 1 SG, and 1 PF. If the staff gets whoever the best guys at those positions are, that will be perfect.

    3. *best guys they can get I should say

  4. Great problem to have. I see Pankey sticking around for the long haul. From what I hear he has a great deal of love for the medical staff that helped him during his leg recovery. Something to be said for that type loyalty if it's true.

    Plus once I think about the fact the kid did not play for a couple years? I think he did great if you look at it that way. He has a ways to go but it's not like he doesn't have any tools to work with.If he stays healthy.

    1. Yeah I can see doesn't it get complicated if he were to transfer since he already took a medical redshirt? I don't know the rules behind that.

      It's basically going to be up to him...if he work his ass off and earns minutes than I can see him sticking around. From here on out minutes aren't going to be gifted like they were this past year where Turgeon just didn't have any depth to work with. The competitiveness in practice is going to make whoever we put on the court that much better.

    2. Interesting about the Medical staff. I had never thought about that.

  5. Thats the beauty of it all. Practice is a different story starting this summer. Some of these guys could improve ten fold before the season even starts. You take a guy like Ashton who has been in the system and has had major time to adjust to college and his surroundings, well that is a big jump on the freshman.

    Honeslty, I am pulling for the kid big time. He has been through a ton and hangs in there. I like those type people. IMO it beats the hell out of all the kids leaving school after school for various reasons. Hope he fools everyone and gains a starting berth down the road.

  6. You got some football in too!

    Alabama is in there own class when it comes to college football, it almost isn't even fair to ever compare to what Saban is doing down there. His defense could compete on Sunday while in college and give some NFL teams a run for there money. He is a DL and LB machine in terms of turning out talent to the NFL.

    Micah Kiser is down to MD and UVA, which both have received visits in the past two weeks. Personally, I'm not as worried about all these OLBs we are missing on considering the sheer amount we have taken the past two years. Kiser would be an awesome get though, I love us being in with players from Gilman and GC so much now. I really want Poggi because I think he measures up great for a 3-4 DE. There is a kid down in Dumphries who is the perfect mold for a NT (6-2, 300lb or so). Hope Randy and staff are doing there hw on him.

    1. DJ - contact an assistant coach by email and make sure they know about him. I talked to Dustin last year and they're happy to speak a moment to discuss. The staff found out about Damonte that way :) If he works hard, he could turn out to be a solid contributor in 2-3 years or so.

    2. I just checked in on 247 sports and it appears MD has offered him. ESPN doesn't even list him, 247 grades him out at 92. He is 6-2, 305.

      Check his pic, it isn't all fat.

    3. He also lists offers from Virginia, Va Tech, WVU, BC and PSU.

      He loves Miami though, and has recently sent tape to them to try and garner there interest. Eff.

    4. Very solid. Stay at home power needed again - but looks tough if he wants to head south.

  7. Now that Stoglin is out, I wonder how commitable Pookie or Peters offer just became. We need a starter for next year (Jordan/Harrisons), but we need depth too. Allen is a project, lets at least get a proven PG in as well incase Allen pans out to be just a 2.+