Thursday, April 26, 2012

Early Tease to Friday's Recruiting Update

This is a nice read for a Thursday afternoon.  Good find by DJ.  Things I didn't know about the Harrison Twins... they were studs in football and their father believes that Aaron would actually be better at football than basketball.  At the age of 10, Aaron could throw the ball 53 yards.  Thats impressive. 

For all you football junkies, don't think that Turge would allow either of the twins to step on the field.  However, this could be a potential recruiting ploy.  Villanova & Kentucky dont have very good football programs.  Baylor has the strongest by far, but hopefully MD football gets back to where it should be.  Although neither of the twins will suit up, I would imagine that they are still fans of the game and would enjoy attending games.  Does this mean anything?.... ehh probably not but it's another selling point we as fans can ponder over.

Enjoy the article.


  1. I think that these two think one thing and one thing only. That would be one year of college ball and then its off to the NBA.

    Plus when its all said and done they will be playing that one year for Cal. Gonna suck and break a ton of hearts but thats the way It will go IMO.

  2. I think they want the spotlight to themselves...if anything they'd want to go somewhere with less of a football program. I'd probably put our football program on par with Kentucky's right about now, with Baylor obviously taking 1st place and Villanova 4th.

  3. I'm waiting for it Charlotte. Friday one-two punch - Recuiting update and From the Bench Part II...

    1. Haha. I ended up staying at buffalo wild wings until the 26 pick of the draft last night. Go ahead and drop your article first. Mine will be more along the lines of 11 ish. Oh and check out the "jump break" tool that DJ found. Think it's near the spell check option. It inserts a "read more" option so the article doesnt appear to long.