Monday, April 30, 2012

Stoglin goes pro

Well this is not the way I wanted to start my week. Stoglin has decided to sacrifice his remaining two years of eligibility and enter the NBA draft.  Pankey tweeted that MD fans weren't going to like the news today, but I had no idea the news would be this bad - then I read it last night. Thank God Sam Cassell signed with MD because we have some serious points to replace. That top 3 finish in the ACC next year looks less likely after today's news.

The wing spot appeared to be a strength for MD next year. With the loss of Parker and Stoglin, MD is seriously thin. Positions 1 - 3 will be manned by: Howard, Layman, Allen, Cassell, and Faust.

Late Aprils fools joke by chance? Please!!!  I think heart broken sums up my feelings right now.

Could Stoglin's departure mean that the 2012 class isn't over?  Does MD make a late run at Savon Goodman or Jerron Wilbut?

If Turge doesn't add another guard this year, I would not be suprised if he didnt add a PG and two wings in next years class.  2013 will definately be a 3 man class now, assuming 2012 is in fact done. 

Update:  Apparently Parker and Stoglin were to be suspended for one year for "violation of team rules."  Link here:

Let the speculation begin..


  1. Somebody on TT is saying he failed multiple drug tests and had no choice. I don't know how much truth there is to that, but I do know he doesn't quite have an affinity towards higher education. Stinks for next years squad for sure, but could end up netting us Etou to pair with the twins so ill look on the bright side here!

  2. There are ups and downs to this:

    A) We don't have to listen to the people saying "it is all speculation" that he'll leave next year.
    B) Now the coaching staff can recruit harder because they have a more positive vision of the spots open.

    A) No obvious scoring threat for next year now.
    B) Guard depth suddenly is a huge issue again.
    C) Did I mention no obvious scoring threat?

    Can I start my petition for #ParkerbacktoMD yet?

    Since we all love doing projected lineups...

    1: Howard (when healthy), Allen, Cassell Jr
    2: Faust, Cassell Jr, Allen
    3: Layman, Faust, Cassell Jr (?)

    Forgetting anybody for the 1-3? It just got realll thin again.

    1. DJ - uh-oh. MP cannot lay off the stuff either. I wonder if it caused some motivational problems in him - just speculation though.

    2. Or Stoglins poor shot selection?

      Some of these rumors coming out are ridiculous if true. Those two supposedly smoked up before almost every game and didn't try and hide it. Apparently they were high as kites for the Duke game. hard is it to follow that rule? I'll say it again, when these kids make the decision to do this, it really says something about their priorities. They'd rather smoke weed than play for there University, or otherwise think they are so important that they will never get caught.

  3. Not to get all Psychology 101 on this, but maybe all along Stogs subconsciously wanted to go pro to jettison school. This might be the way he acted out on it - self destructing.

  4. Most ironic comment I've seen so far:

    @KnickScoop Hoping @tstoglin12 clears the air on the truth...? #TerpNation

    My comment back: Kinda hard to clear the air right now - it's quite hazy!

    1. haha, Redmans parity on 'Because I got high' is pretty good too.

      some people getting out of control on TS on twitter though

    2. I literally haven't been able to get that song out of my head all day though... worth it

    3. Exactly!!!

      He was in a room with two other people... One of them was Parker... and there other one... well the other one was Stoglin... etc etc REEFER

  5. I don't like how #TerpNation is attacking him on twitter. Do I like his decision ... No. But it's his life. Broken hearted and sad.. Yes. Mad -no

    1. I'm not mad, but I'm certainly poking fun at him for this. He invites it if he actually failed 3 drug tests. First one..ok it is college, he got caught up in it. 2nd one? WTF dude get it under control, you can't do that and keep the scholly. 3rd one? University had to lay down the law.

      I don't think people should attack him, but I don't think that many are going to feel sorry for him either.

    2. I don't like it/get it either. It's a lose-lose situation. Everyone should get some perspective and move on. Poor judgement - Yes; bad guy - no.

    3. One other finer point that really pisses me off. 'Cuse covered up the drug use of numerous players all during the early 2000's, including when they won the Natty.

      It came out this year and they imposed internal penalties, but nothing amounting to anything. THAT is the hypocrisy of big time college sports.

    4. remember that too bball. I think the hypocrisy, not necessarily here but on TT, is extremely annoying. When that report came out the entire board was all over them, but when it happens to MD everyone jumps to defend Stoglin.

      Off my rant on that. I don't think Stoglin is bad person, but I find it hard to feel bad for someone who knows they'll be drug tested as part of ocmpliance for anything and then is surprised that there was consequences. Sucks for him because he needed another year to be NBA ready at least.

    5. Not only did he keep smoking, he tweeted that he was doing it! Just really piss poor decision making. As disappointed as we all are, I would have to think that Turgeon is crushed by this. From what it looked like on the outside they had a pretty close relationship

    6. see my subconscious sabotage comment - I'm pretty sure it is part of this saga...