Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update: Terps Ground Crew Continues Laying Out Turf - 9:45 AM

Well, the new turf at Byrd Stadium continues to be laid down and is currently at about the 50 yard line or so.  The new End Zone is not ready for unveiling just yet.

Some other nuggets you may not see any where else but here deep Inside the Shell (@InsidetheShell1):

1)  Due to line of sight issues with some of the boxes in Tyser Tower, the field was actually moved 6 inches towards Gossett Team House.  This may create a slight problem resulting in the Testudo statue now located too close to the rear of the end zone.

2)  The Cannon shall now fire at the Visitor's side of the field after any Terps score. Seems like a great idea to let the visitors get concussed from the canon blasts.

3)  The turf itself accounts for the cooling effect of 15 degrees less at the surface than competitors' turf.

4)  The field is running slightly above cost due to the need to address some further potential drainage accommodations.  I'd rather it be done now than have a player suffer later with a bad injury.  The orange "tubes" Coach Edsall posted on Twitter while ago were actually a good sized diameter French drain network.

Here are some extra current shots:

Here's Fieldturf Tarkett Corp's link to show the different layered turf technology they employ: