Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remaining July Evaluation/Tourney Period Schedule

For any that have not seen it yet, or want some additional news from me, here's the remaining July evaluation/tourney schedule:

July 18-21   Peach Jam   17U    Augusta, S.C. 
July 18-22   Big Foot Hoops Las Vegas Live    9U-17U    Las Vegas, Nev. 
July 18-22   Double Pump's Best of Summer   12U-17U    Anaheim, Calif. 
July 18-22   Under Armour Summer Jam        Milwaukee, Wisc.
 July 19-22   Best Buy Summer Classic   15U-17U   Bloomington, Minn. 
July 19-22   Fullcourt Press Cream of the Crop Challenge   15U-17U   Long Beach, Calif.
July 25-29   Big Foot Hoops Las Vegas Classic   9U-17U    Las Vegas, Nev. 
July 25-29   Double Pump Pump n' Run   12U-17U   Anaheim, Calif.
July 25-29   adidas Super 64   14U-17U    Las Vegas, Nev. 
July 26-29   Las Vegas Fab 48   15U-17U   Las Vegas, Nev.
July 28-31   Las Vegas Fab 48   11U-14U   Las Vegas, Nev.

Two local teams in the Final 24 pool are Baltimore Elite and Team Takeover.

As I previously mentioned in some of my earlier comments on this site, I have in fact landed a guest evaluator who will be at the entirety of the Peach Jam to provide his evaluation of the performances (especially from a skill set point of view) of Terp targets playing at the Peach Jam.  I am ironing out some details with him, but I will be sure to have him send his opinions of who is making waves during the 4 day Peach Jam extravaganza...more to come.

Here's what has transpired since the start of the month:
July 11-12   Fullcourt Press All-West Showcase   High School   Long Beach, Calif.
July 11-15   Eddie Ford's Summer Classic   11U-17U    Louisville, Ky. 
July 11-15   adidas Invitational    14U-17U   Indianapolis, Ind.
July 11-15   NY2LA Sports Next Level Invitational   14U-17U    Milwaukee, Wisc. 
July 11-15   Nike Skills School   High School   Washington, D.C.
July 12-15   Nike Global Challenge   International   Washington, D.C.
 July 13-15   Hall of Fame National Invitational   15U-17U   Springfield, Mass. 
July 13-15   Reebok Showdown Series Finals   16U-17U   Philadelphia, Pa.
July 13-15   Pangos Summer Sweet 16   17U   Long Beach, Calif.


  1. Can't wait for these updates. Would be great to get a TV listing schedule. I know some of these late events are sometimes televised.

    1. Peach Jam is entirely on ESPNU from what I read a month ago - check it out - I'm psyched to watch tonight.

    2. I tried searching the schedule on the DirecTV app with no luck. Maybe its a late addition.