Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UPDATED: Maryland Athletic Dept releases new field design

UPDATED 6/22/12:  While walking by the field yesterday, I observed something very interesting - the orange cooling tube grid was in its final cover up with gravel, but the tubes were not on the sidelines of the visitor's bench.  Could this be a Boston Garden "No A/C in the locker room for the visitors" type advantage for the Terps?  However, even with the bird's eye view that I like on the back concourse of Cole Field House, I could not fully see the grid fully extending on the home team's side.  I hope it was there and we built in an advtantage. "All is Fair..." - BBall Purist

Today at 5pm the Maryland Athletic Department released the new field design we have all anxiously been waiting for.  Here is the release:

"The University of Maryland on Wednesday formally announced plans for and unveiled renderings of the new FieldTurf Revolution surface that will be installed at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium. The privately funded project will result in the "coolest" synthetic turf field in the nation and will be completed in time for the 2012 football season which begins on Sept. 1.
In order to enhance playability for all sports expected to use the facility, and after various tests and discussions, it was decided the playing surface will be a traditional green in color. The end zones for football will have a design reminiscent of the Maryland state flag and reinforcing the "Maryland Pride" theme of Maryland Athletics."

Personally, I like it.  Sure, it is very conservative from the various pictures that had been circulating around on what the field design could possibly be.  They were rumored to be everywhere from a black field to a green one such as this with a shell pattern inlaid into the green portion.  But, given the precarious position the football program has given itself with national media, this was the correct decision.  It is a safe, clean design that doesn't really have any criticism except that it was very anti-climatic given all the build up.

What do you guys think?


  1. That's the one I wanted - PSYCHED!!! Thx DJ

    1. Pretty solid IMHO. If I can nitpick for a second, and I can since its me writing this, I'd embrace the social media a little more on the sidelines. Add @umterps or @marylandathletics whatever their twitter handle happens to be at this time instead of just

    2. Yeah, this is what I wanted too. The only thing I wouldn't of minded extra was adding the shell pattern to the field, if possible. But, given the national attention our football program has with the current coach, this was the correct decision. It is a clean design that is hard to criticize.

      Derrick - That would probably be a good idea. If they are modernizing and already throwing on the field, they might as well embrace the social media aspect and throw out the athletic departments official twitter handle.

      Some other things pointed out by people who are looking really hard at the field that I didn't notice at first glance: The flag design on the walls. I really like that. Very subtle and not picked up at first glance, but it goes well with the Pride theme they have going. They also seemed to have moved the field closer to Gossett, which I am not sure is a flaw of the computer design or intended. I don't particularly like that considering it moves away from the loudest part of the stadium. And...numbers are in terrafont too, they're really embracing that throughout all the sports.

      Can't wait for the final renderings of the basketball uniforms to come out. I can't tell if they are pride specific uniforms only for certain games or if they are going to be the complete new set of uni's since there are four. Don't want to make a post yet since they are still in draft and so little is known outside of that draft rendering that floated yesterday.

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