Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New ACC TV Deal with ESPN through 2026-2027

Full breakdown of coverage and specifics of how many games per season per sport can be found here:

Click  here for the press release from the ACC.

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To put that ACC contract in perspective, when it went to 12 schools in '05, it got $37M total per year. Now: $17M per school, per year.

Pretty much, that means MD gets $17 million per year from the new deal, awesome.  The previous deal inked two years ago was for $13M a year, so this is a net $4M a year increase.  In 2010, the last income sheets available for MD, the "intercollegiate athletics" portion of the income sheet had a net income of ($800,000.00), roughly.  So, I'd venture a guess we're in for a significant increase in profit you could say.

What does this mean for Maryland?  Well, Kevin Anderson probably just crapped his pants in excitement first off.  This is significant in terms of helping the money woes of the department.  Will this save the sports that were cut?  I'm not so sure, as it was Yows complete mismanagement of football and basketball money to begin with that got us in this situation.  She constantly took money from them and put it towards non-revenues to keep them afloat.

I can think of some very logical things to do with the money though.  Namely, paying off Tyser Towers comes to mind.  Getting rid of that debt from the books will go a long way to making the athletic department money situation better.  That would mean all money from that point on in suite sales is pure profit.  I'm sure many will call for REs head much faster now that we conceivably have the money to do it, but I still think he has 3 years to do something before that happens.  I'm not sure they go for any capital improvement projects though, at least at first.  I can see an upgrade in soccer facilities in the near future, but I think they'll wait for some stability in the numbers first.


Edit:  Updated numbers, wasn't as good as expected.  Some shoddy reporting at first on the new deal.  People ommitted the deal 2 years ago and compared to the previous.  My fault.  -DJ


  1. Is this real life??? That's awesome!

    1. yeah man, nuts what the increase is. That literally saves the athletic department from there money woes. I'm not sure if this brings back the cut sports because they needed to reign in spending in the first place, but it does put them on the path to making money again (actually, they probably will make money if you go off of last years income sheet).

  2. Sorry for the bad numbers at first guys. It appears many people were reporting this compared to the 05 deal and not the recent deal 2 years ago, my fault for not seeing it. We still have a net gain of $4 million a year or so in TV Revenues. It means we are back in the green on the books still, but not as far as was originally thought.

  3. Good stuff. Mo money less problems... Biggie was wrong