Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Wednesday lets talk recruiting

Man trying to blog without a computer is awful. I have started this twice and lost all my info on this damn iPad. Anyways I wanted to give a shout out to both DJ and Bball for keeping the blog going in my absence. I quit my old job and my boss sits right next to me in my new job so I don't have the opportunity to blog at will anymore.

Enough about me, let's talk basketball. Here is a great article by the Baltimore sun on the 2012 class:,0,6782296.story

In other news MD is in the lead for Dwayne Morgan, a 2014 wing recruit from MD. He is a borderline 5 star and will most likely finish a 5 star, assuming his productivity remains on par. I am thinking that MD will add a Wing and a PF in 2014, with them adding a PG, volume scorer, and a all around Wing in 2013.

Daxter Miles was offered by NC state. He is a 2013 combo guard. He is pretty far down the priority list to be honest. With that said I don't want him to land at nc state, increasing their MD exposure and possibly biting us in the ass twice a year if we undervalued him.

2012 signee, Charles Mitchell, won the MVP for his high school team. Pretty impressive high school trophy. And lastly the Capitals just forced a game 7. The series should really be over damnit! That's all I have for now. It has been a pretty slow week in recruiting. Hope all is well with you guys.


  1. Glad you're back Charlotte. But I'm still waiting for a "Yes I'm back, it's Friday, Let's Talk Recruiting piece!" ha ha ha

    Dwayne is an important recruit for 2014 - seems like such a good kid too. We need him bad.

  2. Jeff Barker interviewed Turge and Co. - Seth gave your Crab 5 a shout out Charlotte! I think you started it anyway...

    1. BTW - didn't see it in your piece until editing for you - link was not highlighted - doh!

    2. you beat me to editing it, got his tweet last night but was already out.

      Pretty cool that the Crab 5 got exposure in the Sun, good to know that the recruits are paying attention after all! lol.

      Anyways, on recruiting, Morgan will probably end up a 5 star. Many are starting to call him the next Melo, which is pretty high expectations so I don't want to put that on him yet. MD is leading, but he has talked about Texas a lot and is waiting for there offer, so Turge and Bino still have some work to put in.

      Don't want Daxter to go to State, but he is like 5th on my PG list of wants behind Andrew, Sheed, Pookie and Peters. Hope we aren't mis-evaluating him or anything, but he has been getting high-major attention lately. But I'd rather him get it than Pookie and Peters, who I'd rather have.

  3. Charlotte, is there a good app to read/follow this blog on my droid (or even ipad)?