Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ashton Pankey Transferring - Next Stop - St. John's or Local MAAC College?

Well, the blind and rampant speculation from months ago has occurred, even though it's possibly unrelated.  Ashton Pankey is transferring to be closer to his mom and home in Bronx, NY (for all you NYC historical neophytes, I teach on this blog too - it's just Bronx, or Bronx, N.Y. - not "The Bronx" - To paraphrase the #UA commercial, "I Am From There").

Some mention Iona as a possible landing spot, but imho, I emphatically say do not go there AP! Iona doesn't play a shred of D, runs all day, while Ashton's specialty is rebounding/blocking the basketball.  Ashton had a serious knack for rebounding while becoming an All-Met player while playing for Bob Hurley Sr. at Saint Anthony's HS and earlier at Archbishop Molloy HS.  Here's a nugget you won't find on other blogs and websites: Pankey was the first Freshman to play on Molloy's varsity since Kenny Anderson - NYers who know their basketball especially appreciate that fact - AP had some serious rebounding skills coming out of high school.

Respected analyst Tom Konchalski's comment about Ashton's rebounding prowess at the time of his commit to Maryland in 2009:  

New York recruiting expert Tom Konchalski described Pankey as a rebounding machine.
“You can certainly shoot to much, you can dribble too much, you can even pass to much,” Konchalski said. “But nobody has ever been taken out of game where the coach says, "Sit next to me, you’re rebounding too much."

Zags blog relays that Ashton is considering St. John's, Iona or Fordham (affectionately known as FU by Manhattan Jaspers fans).  I say stick with the Steves, Ashton - Steve Lavin has a need for more big men at Center (great fit), and Manhattan just lost a big man to graduation, with Steve Masiello a solid young, up and coming Head Coach of the Jaspers.


  1. Iona is the better landing spot for Pankey. It is funny that the BBall Purist claims Iona is deficient from a defense and rebounding perspective yet Iona out rebounded Manhattan last year 75 to 68. Also Masiello would kill his own mother to get ahead and he will not be at Manhattan in a year and will jump at the first A-10 or Big East job opening. Do you think it is best for Pankey to be a junior or senior with a new coach?

    Going to SJU is a joke as well. Lavin is just going to recruit over this kid. All Lavin has produced at this point is signing Rock Stars who end up ineligible or end up leaving. SJU is in a complete flux due to the turnover and Lavin's health issues.

    Cluess is a NY guy and he is not going anywhere soon. The only job he would take is SJU or Seton Hall and thats not happening anytime soon. At Iona Pankey would be able to put up huge numbers like Mike Glover.

    Could you imagine a team built around a core of Sean Armand, David Laury, Sledge and Pankey? I am smelling a few more trips to the NCAA's. If Pankey gets a waiver through MoMo Jones into the mix. If Iona gets Pankey he will be the man in the paint and he will be freed up to score since the Iona guards and their 3 point shooting will spread the opposition and they will also have to contend with Laurys running the baseline, slashing and dropping the short jumper. Pankey would average a double double at Iona and play in a fun system.

    What hurt Iona last year was depth. When Glover got into foul trouble and was worn down being their only 'big". Iona's recruiting this year has corrected that issue. Iona is still on the rise and going places.... FU is a dead thing should be avoided and Manhattan is a seesaw, up and down with more coaching changes on the horizon. Besides Iona has much better

  2. Last part of the comment was cut off. Iona has much better looking women.