Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday morning wake up- Larry brown and Evan Smotrycz

Jeff Goodman has been reporting this morning that Larry Brown is now in consideration for the SMU head coaching job. How is this MD related? Well given the relationship that Turge and Larry have and the comments that have floated around indicating there might be an opportunity for Larry to join the MD staff as an advisor, I thought it was news worthy. I personally hope he decides a head coaching job is to much of a commitment and he would prefer a lesser role at his age. Larry would be a great addition at MD. It will be interesting to see how this play out. Evan Smotrycz begins his official visit to MD today. He posted a picture a few minutes ago on twitter. No other news on his trip yet. The picture is pretty sick though. Check it out.


  1. Anyone know how old CJ Leslie is? Saw him in the club last night. Somehow he had a table. Not sure where he got that money. Is he Staying at state or going pro?

    1. From what I read in a few NC St. articles, he's in no hurry to decide. He's gonna milk it until the 29th. I predict he stays if you do not see him move from the 2nd pick of the 2nd Rd. up to first round on DraftExpress. If he moves up to 1st round, I say he goes.

  2. No news on the visit this weekend. I'm sure info will surface tomorrow morning. Im hoping Evan posts some pics from the visit... Maybe one of him signing his letter of intent.