Monday, April 16, 2012

Evan Smotrycz - Newest Terp (Updated)

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Huge news this morning for Turge and the Terps.  Evan Smotrycz has committed to the Terps.  He will be forced to sit out the 2012 season and will be eligible to play beginning 2013.  Evan was a 4 star top 100 PF from Mass.  He grew up a MD fan... Im not sure why Gary didnt recruit him to begin with, but all that is water under the bridge. 

The Terps now have added another outside threat to their roster.  MD now has added 3 outside threats (Allen, Layman, & Smotrycz).  Thank God. 

Welcome Evan @_ev23

A bigger question is:
a) how does this effect the 2013 recruiting class
b) is the 2012 class finished


ESPN did a write up on Evan committing to MD.

Here is the link:


"Where I fit in was kind of a four man who can pick-and-pop and come off screens and make plays and obviously shoot it," Smotrycz said. "I like the way coach (Mark) Turgeon ran his offense. He showed me a lot of film of where he thought I'd fit in and I thought it was what I was looking for."

Part of what sold him, he said, was the chance to play in the ACC, the Comcast Center and the plan Maryland had for his development next season, when he has to sit out due to mandated NCAA transfer rules.

"I just felt really comfortable with the coaches and the guys on the team," Smotrycz said. "Maryland is such a big time program that it would have been tough to beat. I didn't feel like I needed to go anywhere else."

Smotrycz left Michigan after two seasons, where he started 42 games and was the team's fifth-best 3-point shooter by percentage of all time. - WOW ALL TIME


  1. I'll answer my own question. I think that we add a PG and a wing next year and thats it. I dont think we will be involved with any forwards. If we do get involved with a forward I think it will be late in the game and ONLY IF Len has an incredible year. Smotrycz replaces the loss of Padge and we still have Shaq, Mitchell, Pankey, Dodd.

    I cant decide about adding Cassell or another guard in 2012. Im slightly worried about a log jam of guards. Part of me wants to hold that scholarship for Robinson. Im not saying that by taking Cassell we eliminate Robinson, just saying that Im wondering how prospects not named Andrew & Aaron Harrison will look at MD's roster.

    1. Agreed. Smotrycz is a great Padgett replacement because we were logjammed at the 4/5 with a similar type player, they were all back to the basket forwards. He gives the Terps a great versatility with the lineup.

      A) We won't go for a forward in 2013 now, I think we go for a PG (obvious) and a wing player (2 or 3)

      B) Finished. I don't want a 7 man class even if one is a transfer and another may redshirt/prep. Actually, if we took SCJ, this would probably be the best case scenario for a 7 man class.

      I'm hoping 2013 consists of PG and SG/SF. Faust has the 3 spot on lockdown for the next 2-3 years, while probably moving to the 2 to allow for him and Layman at the same time.

    2. Im getting pretty excited about the future. I think that we will have a much more balanced team offensively in the future. In the past we have relied on one player to carry the team. Grevis, Jordan Williams, and Stoglin have had to carry the burden. Turge is building a team with a variety of options. I think you will see 4 players average more than 13 pts a game in a year or two.

    3. 13 is a pretty lofty goal, but I can see at least 4 over 10ppg. I think many of us would agree with your sentiment that the major downfall has been the over-reliance on one player to carry the team. They have a bad night, or they get shutdown and the team struggles to find another scorer. I think it was blatently obvious early on when you could literally see the rest of the team shutdown when Stoglin got hte ball, they'd just stop and watch.

  2. I'd like to see us still get a commitment SCJ. I think we will see a decision from him coming up this week considering the Capital Classic is on Saturday...If he chooses USF, that will make things awkward.

    In 2013- the main focus has to be on guards right? I'm not gonna bring up the twins because IMO that's a pipe dream, but give me Jordan and/or Robinson and we are perfectly constructed for 2013-2014.

    1. I would agree. Adding a true PG and a SG is all that the team needs. Robinson offers a different type of game than Aaron Harrison. Robinson is better defensively and Harrison is better offensively, but both are elite players and I would be thrilled with either.

      Im thrilled that MD is back. We identify a player we want and we are landing them.

    2. I'm not ready to give up on the twins yet. I know you love Stan Charlotte, but put me in the Aaron Harrison fan club! That kid can flat out stroke it and I'll go on record RIGHT NOW as saying he will be a better player than his more highly touted brother.

    3. Well this has now been documented on the site so I will hold you to your prediction.

      I heard that the twins will be in Pittsburgh for a tourney this weekend. I wonder if they will stop by MD on the way back. Highly doubtful but atleast Turge and Co will get to visit with them at the Tourney.

    4. Same tourney that DCA is playing in? Could we see Defenders vs Assault? That'd be fun to watch, although I feel like Andrew would embarrass Roddy.

    5. If they are going to Pittsburgh, I would assume it would have to be the same tourney. Defenders vs Assault would be pretty cool to see. Don't forget about our boy Dodd dunking on the Harrisons as well!