Friday, April 20, 2012

Sam Cassell JR to the Terps (Most Likely)

Sam hasn't announced yet himself but based off of the interviews from the Capitol Classic I don't think there is any doubt.  Both Seth Allen & Damonte Dodd refer to Sam as a future teammate.  Damonte hits on it in greater depth.  Check it out for yourself.

"Sam he got a mean step back"

I find it very odd that both of these players would be discussing Sam as a teammate unless they knew something that wasn't made public yet.  Couple that with the timing of the announcement, I am 99% sure he will be a Terp.

Edit:  SCJr has officially re-committed to play for MD.  Rounds out 7 man class including the transfer of Smotrycz from Michigan.


  1. Book him - Sam's all in... ha ha ha

    Charles is definitely going to be my fave. He is popping with personality, totally yukking it up in the interview.

  2. Sams a done deal.

    Off topic, but...
    Anyone see this, it was posted on TT:
    Anybody see sketch of new turf...
    with flag endzones, black turf with grey turtle print, and Maryland across middle?

    What is up with this? Someone should find this sketch, assuming it exists.

    1. still looking for the article associated with it, but here is a picture:

    2. I might take that sketch and turn it into a beer pong table. Yea I'm 27 but I can still stroke it.

    3. Helluva good idea. It's like riding a bike #beerpongskillz

  3. SCJ is ours...the guys are referring to him as their future teammate in those interviews. Mitchell is the man, seems so pumped to be coming to MD and just an all around good guy. Hard to not be pumped about the guys we have coming in.