Friday, April 20, 2012

MD Bball Assistant Salaries

Patrick Stevens has reported that MD's three assistants make the following each year:
  1. Hill - $307 thousand
  2. Spinelli - $207 thousand
  3. Ranson - $177 thousand
The combined salary expense is $692 thousand.  Under Gary, the previous set of assistants made $433 thousand.  That is a 60% increase in salary expense. 

I'm glad to see that MD is shelling out more money for it's assistants, as they are the ones that are hitting the recruiting trail.  They did a great job this year and I have high hopes for 2013.  The question becomes what is Hill doing?  He hasn't been mentioned as the lead recruiter for any of the 2012 prospects and I haven't heard his name for 2013 either.  I know he is involved with some of the 2014 prospects but the guy needs to step it up in my book. 

What are your thoughts?

Edit:  A copy of the contracts can be found here on the left hand side:



  1. His DCA contacts are already helping. Damonte Dodd goes from a nobody to committed to MD, and then randomly starts playing on DCA? Nah, too much coincidence here. Hill got Dodd on DCA for the summer to get him some reps against high level competition.

    I don't think it is coincidence either that Roddy Peters went from no name to playing on DCA either. Granted, he had some more visibility than Dodd did, but too much of a coincidence. I think he is there getting the staff free looks of him against high level competition (doesn't play in catholic league) to get a better eval of him.

    I see Hills finger prints on both of those occurences. Hill is the lead recruiter on Peters too, FWIW. I remember an interview posted where he said Dalonte keeps in touch.

  2. Reading through the contracts now, I started with Dalonte Hill.

    I know Stevens reported $307k, but I'm only adding up $300k. Unless he is counting and giving value to ammenities provided to Hill, I think he added wrong. In addition to the $300k, he also receives $120 a month for a cell phone, $500 to lease a car for his personal use, 6 tickets to all home, away, and post-season basketball games as well as 2 premium regular tickets to all MD home games in Byrd Stadium.

    Appears they could of fired Hill as well for Cause if they wanted to for the Drunk Driving incident. He'll have to watch it.
    Stand by for more analysis on it...

    1. Spinneli - same deal, I'm missing 7 grand somewhere.

      $200k salary that I can find to add up, with the same ammenities as Hill is receiving. To clarify though, it is $500/month to lease the car, not total.

      The contracts are structured the same, although unless I glanced over it, I believe that Spin is getting 7.25% matching towards his optional retirement plan.

    2. Whoa, ok Binos contract is different. He has bonus's out the ass in this thing.

      $167,000 base salary if you include TV appearance revenue, plus the usual amenities as mentioned above. The bonus's are different though:

      $8k bonus for winning ACC Reg season title
      $4k bonus for runner up
      $8k bonus for winning ACCT
      $4k bonus for runner up
      $3k bonus for making EACH round of the NCAAT
      $10k bonus for academic graduation rate of 75% or higher
      $5,500 bonus for between 70 and 75%

      Has the right to run a summer camp on the campus every year.

      Is on the "pass list" for all recruiting events, so he gets free admission.

      Yeah, Bino did his contract up right. Lower base salary, but has the potential to earn up to $44k in bonus money (puts him slightly ahead of Spinneli base) and gets the use of the facilities for a summer camp. I'm not sure who negotiated out Binos contract, but it wasn't the same person who did the other two. They're written completely differently (I write contracts for a living so it is easy to see styles, etc.).

    3. Dustin Clark

      $110k base salary with the potential of a $8,333 (really??) bonus for making the NCAAT. And the usual ammenities that the other coaches receive, plus the retirement that Spin had in his.

    4. Im suprised there isnt a clause for a $10K for every top 100 player he brings in.

    5. You know, I'm surprised that all three don't have that clause, or at least Hill or Bino. Locksley has it for football so I would of assumed that it would be in one of these. Perhaps they'll negotiate for it after seeing Locks get it?

      IMO, if money is tied to you being successful, it makes you try harder. High base salaries with little incentive to do better than average doesn't motivate people well.

  3. 7.25% - standard state contribution to all employees in ORP - not matching; Turge's deal is for 8 years; Turge gets an entire SUITE for all football games!

    Gets 50k or 25k bonuses for good team APRs, and a lot of incentives for COY, Nattys, etc.

    1. Oh gotcha, didn't know it was standard contribution. Damn, that beats even Federal matching contributions. The standard contribution from Federal is 1% no matter what, and they'll match another 4% (so 5% total).

      Can you imagine that recruiting trip with Turgeon? Let me take you up to my suite guys...

  4. oh and UMD paid 250k for Turge to relocate!!!