Monday, October 1, 2012

9 years ago today, a super Terps alum passed away

He was a father of two terrific boys ... a great husband, then boyfriend ... an engineer ... the friend everyone wanted to hang around because we just knew we were going to have a great time when he was there ... a Terps alum, and above all, a die hard, all-sports, all-the-time Terps enthusiast.

Mark was originally a scholarship soccer player at William and Mary, got hurt, then saw the Terps Light and entered the Engineering program at Maryland.  He was in school during the heady days of Buck Williams and Boomer - it was a great time to be a Terps fanatic.

Mark carried his love of all things UMD until the day he passed nine years ago today.  I attended the many games and all those fun tailgates and parties thanks to our mutual good friends Noel & Carla, who also coordinated our season tickets.  We avidly watched all through Gary's tenure as the Terps made the Rise Back Up (cue in The Roots' Rising Up - I still wish for The Roots performing at midnight madness, with Wale making a guest appearance ;). I will cherish the 14 years I knew Mark for the rest of my life.  Mark embraced life, and the only thing that could slightly deter Mark was the fact that doctors could not diagnose his rare blood disease, amyloidosis, quickly enough.  It was discovered too late, and this world lost a terrific person, even if in body only.

Some of you that attended Terps games may remember Mark at Cole Field House or Byrd Stadium - he was the crazy guy cheering the Terps on good or bad ...  the guy dressing as Jerry Garcia around Halloween at Cole if the mood hit him that particular year.

Here's to you Mark, may your Terps spirit live on forever...