Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scout posts update for Top 75 2014 recruits

Scout just released their updated list.  Scout's doing a solid job of recruit placement so far:

Notables (with my current predictions for commitment choice):

#5 - Noah Vonleh (MD fell off his list a while ago - UK)
#11 - Chris McCullough (Prep then St. John's)
#14 - SF Dwayne Morgan (MD)
#16 - Rashad Vaughan (Texas)
#17 - Joel Berry (Florida)
#18 - Justin Jackson (MD was a late comer - Texas)
#45 - Dion Wiley (Indiana)
#47 - Trayvon Reed (Georgia Tech)
#48 - Therence Mayimba (VT)
#53 - JaQuel Richmond (NC St)
#56 - PF Obi Enechionyia (MD) (growing into PF slot)
#59 - PG Romelo Trimble (MD) (Yes, Trimble will wind up a PG in D1...)
#62 - Kaleb Joseph (UConn)
#63 - SG Phil Booth (MD)

Not in top 75 - Malik-Abdul Abu

My 2014 Recruit to improve standing for 2013 HS/AAU season - Jordan Abdur Ra'oof, Gonzaga

Author Note: I know the scholarship chart all too well.  I am accounting for the Twins choosing MD.


  1. Great job George! Obviously, Roddy Peters decision will be important in deciphering what this LOADED 2014 class will look like. The guy I really want is Phil Booth, just a very solid player. From all I've read, Booth will be a PG at the next level so I'll say no Trimble, but Dion Wiley instead!

    1. Thx DRock. Yes, Peters decision looms large. If Roddy comes in with we know who, he will most likely be establishing himself as the starting PG in 2014 moving forward. Wiley - sure. This seems to be a good group of kids the staff is pursuing. As long as we can fill potential positional needs as well, they hopefully will fit Turge's system.

      I would have zero complaints if Booth comes on board. Looks/plays like a winner. I like Trimble's physicality in the point guard slot w/ Pitt and Cuse entering the ACC.

    2. Good point about physicality of our newest conference mates. Hit the nail on the head with Booth, just a winner!