Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Bad News: Andre Monroe out for the year

According to Inside Maryland Sports, Andre Monroe has injured his knee and will miss the entire 2013 season with surgery scheduled for Thursday.  To further the problem, his backup Issiah Ross is out for at least 2-3 weeks as well with his own injury.

And it doesn't stop there, another star defensive player was injured as well.  More on that after the break.

The once depth that Maryland had on the defensive line seems to be falling apart.  At SDE, Maryland was 3 deep with all three players vying for the starting position.  Now, the front runner of that competition is out for the year, and his backup is out for at least 2 weeks.  Justin Anderson, the senior also competing for the spot, seems to be the only player left at the position. 

There are unconfirmed rumors that rather than Anderson jumping into the starting spot, NT AJ Francis is sliding over into the starting spot and his backup, Darius Kilgo, is moving into the starting NT spot.  Not that this is a bad thing:  Francis and Kilgo alone put close to 600lb on the starting DL, so that is some massive weight to try and push around.  On paper, a starting line of Vellano, Kilgo and Francis actually looks pretty good for a 3-4.  Vellano will command a double team after his breakout season last year, and the mass of Kilgo and Francis should hopefully occupy the rest of the line so the LBs can operate in some space.

Oh, and that other star defensive player is none other than Kenny Tate, who suffered his own knee injury as well.  The prognosis on him however is unclear, as the athletic department has yet to release any information on that injury, or how severe it is.  Seriously, starting QB, SDE, backup SDE, OLB and SS all in a week.  We must of really pissed someone off.  MD just can't get passed the injury bug the past two years.  Luckily, this year so far, outside of QB and SS, injuries have occurred where there is depth to cover it.  Here is to hoping that Tate's injury is not severe and that he is back for the opener.


  1. These past two seasons is the most snake bit 2 year period I've ever seen for Terp fball player injuries - wow! Tough hand dealt yet again...Monroe was going to be a stalwart of the D-line

  2. Apparently that was only the top ones that IMS listed. I found the full transcript from the presser he had, and here they are:

    - CJ Brown, out for year
    - Andre Monroe, out for year
    - Keith Bowers, 2 to 3 weeks
    - Issiah Ross, indefinite but possibly just day to day
    - Kenny Tate, being evaluated, unknown
    - Josh Cary, 3 weeks
    - Matt Robinson, 3 weeks
    - AJ Hendy, 3 to 4 weeks
    - Dustin Dailey (who?), 2 to 3 weeks
    - Brandon Ross, Day to Day

    New Defensive line is:

    WDE - Vellano, Jefferson, Braglio (?)
    NT - Kilgo, Alex Walker
    SDE - AJ Francis, Justin Anderson, Braglio (?)

    Braglio was moved from WILL to DE, but Edsall didn't say which side. He did say they plan to use him in pass rush packages, which is where he excels. I personally would like to see him redshirted if no more injuries occur. If he is going to play in a 3-4 line, he needs another 30-40 pounds on him.

    Sean Davis, Freshman, is starting at safety until Robinson returns (or Hendy, depending on his play I would guess).

    Perry Hills has officially been named the starting QB, Rowe is backup, Devin Burns as 3rd string.

  3. Sean Davis wound up being a key pickup after all. He has the quickness. Even at a light weight, if he uses leverage properly during tackling (ala old Skins safety Pat Fisher), he'll be fine.

    Quite a few 1st year Frosh getting PT.

    Good call on Braglio. Can his frame handle 30 lbs in next year or so? He might need to be ready for the line by then?

    1. Eh, I'm not sure if he can do 30lb in a year unless he goes on the Alex Len diet (side note: what a great diet, tons of Boston Market).

      Edsall stated that he plans on using Braglio this year in pass rush packages, so I'm not quite sure if he is going to come in as the rush 3-4 OLB or DE. I'm also not sure who would come out, my guess would be Francis.

  4. Thanks for the update DJ....even though you comr bearing bad news! Lets all hope your next fball post is filled with NOTHING but pleasantries!!!

    1. Wait'll you get a load of my upcoming UK rant DRock! ha ha ha