Tuesday, April 24, 2012

View From the Bench: Wide Body vs. Avg Frame (Photo)

Quick follow up photo to illustrate just how wide Chuck is - no coincidence - Chuck Barkley, Chuck Mitchell...boxing out will be no problem at all :)

Damonte's T-shirt slightly hides how much thinner he is than Chuck - look across the numbers and see the difference.  BTW, I'd bet Chuck is pushing 250+, not the 235 listed in the program. He will be 230-235 at the end of strength and conditioning this summer - yessir!


  1. When are they able to start working with UMD's strength and conditioning program?

    1. Historically, the guys play unsupervised (by the staff) pick up games as well as voluntary strength and conditioning workouts during May. In June and July, with the new rule, guys can be worked out on the court by the staff. I do not know how travel abroad to play (I recall up to 12 games?) counts towards the practice numbers/schedule.

      The Frosh will enroll for summer classes in July (July 9th with the 30th also an option, I'm guessing most Frosh will do July 9th) since they cannot make the earlier end of May/mid-June sign-ups due to HS finishing up.

  2. Replies
    1. I assume that means the AAU was not as important on focusing on the end of school, and getting ready for start of summer session in July. This way he can practice redshirt or not.

    2. I'm really starting to question him redshirting. He needs to, but I'm wondering if Turge is going to. Like you said, his moves are raw but he has flashed the ability to play at this level.

      I'm hoping he does, I don't think he'd see the court too often unless he really progresses over the summer.

  3. Smart thing would be a redshirt. We wont need him next year and the kids body has changed so much in about 14-16 months its crazy.

    He needs a year to catch up with his own frame, amazing. I think this kid if he stays focused is gonna be a horse in two quick years.