Friday, May 11, 2012

Rysheed Jordan update

Maryland and Temple are the clear front-runners in this race.  Recently, the Sun did an interview with Sheed's AAU coach Kamal Yard, who claims that Maryland and Temple are the clear favorites currently, but Villanova and Kansas are 3rd and 4th.

He believes that Jordan will ultimately stay closer to home and is only willing to go a few hours away from home (good for us, bad for Kansas).  Full quote below:

"It's still Maryland and Temple at the top, and then you've got Villanova. Kansas is in there, too. It's the same as before, pretty much," Yard said. "He's a Philly guy and he's got a really close relationship with his mother. He's willing to go a few hours, but probably not too far. But you never know if that could change. Kids are so fickle."

To sum things up, they believe he will wait until closer to the start of his senior season to make the decision, which seems to be getting pushed further and further back from the original July date.  So that either means that MD and Nova are pushing hard if you believe the quote above, or he is seriously considering Kansas.

Good for us that he really likes MD, but this pushing off thing sucks in terms of figuring out our PG situation in this recruit class.  I hate waiting for a recruit so we can move to the next, I always feel like the recruit that is waiting becomes dis-interested and goes somewhere else.

Here is the link:,0,4548509.story?track=rss

The weekly free IMS story worked out great for us.


  1. I called it - Sheed's a city guy. i thought he might still consider St. John's, but Temple to the Beast killed that.

    We will possibly get the Harrisons' commitment before Ryheed. That's ok, because that clarity might actually help us a bit.

  2. Good news. Nova seems to be having some issues currently with their program. I'm pretty comfortable with a Temple vs. MD battle

    1. Cheek and Wayans gone spells doom next season, maybe beyond for Nova. Bad choices by both for NBA draft

  3. Agreed, I feel like we fair ok if this is Temple vs MD. MD has the better upside over Temple, hopefully Sheed sees that.